Men-roach infestation

Have you noticed the surge of videos from random men telling women that having their period is “unnatural “. That we must give up a, b, and c in order not to bleed. As if women haven’t been bleeding since the dawn of time. We all know that most men can’t help but show us the right way to be a woman, even with their  lack of vaginas. It’s been an incurable disease only manifested in the male species since…well, since women were bleeding. Men know everything that women could do better yet haven’t the faintest idea of how not to pee on a toilet seat. All of them lurching around, like roaches, ready to pounce on any women who may be confident, independent and secure. It’s like their entire existence is depends on the fact that we need them to function.  Dear men, I’m really curious: how can you solve our problems when you still can’t and won’t address your own misogyny? How does that work? Why is it that men can only see women’s behavior but not how their own behavior is often toxic and problematic, when it’s actually the root of a lot of the issues we as women have?We all know those type of men: “Bill Cosby was framed”, “so what if Donald Trump grabbed a pussy” and “if she’s going out dressed like that, then she deserved it”. These are self-declared misogynists, cockroaches if you will. They believe “feminazi” is a thing and that the world is going to hell because women want to be men to. I mean, if we let them tell it, we’re about 2 years from killing most men because we’ve figured out a way to grow penises in the backyard. Although, this little wet dream of mine is not currently possible, I do hope that I’m around to see it come to life.

I recently got into an argument with a male person and he was adamant that women must be completely shaved in order to have sex with him. After lamenting and sighing for what seemed to be hours but was in fact 10 minutes, I asked him what right he had to demand this of any woman. It’s fairly obvious that if she’s willing to have sex with you, you should just be thankful that she decided to include you in her charity work for the week. He got mad, and me being the petty and messy ogre that I am, asked him about the last time he had sex. The silence was so awkward that I had to break it up with a hearty laugh. I told him if he was really hungry, he’d take whatever meal he was offered.

And this the issue that I have with most roaches. They seem to believe that they’re entitled to these expectations. That their opinion matters, while all the while not realizing that those same expectation are just feeding a rape culture who’s insatiable appetite that can only be fed with the dignity, respect and sometimes blood of those victims. This culture who is voraciously destroying  lives and leaving a path of broken minds, body and souls. A culture that you continuously pretend to apologize for but only to turn around and make it a daily hell for anyone who fights and stands up to it. Until you can admit your part in perpetrating these crimes, I barely want to hear you breathe…


*Illustration by Brad Amorosino*


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