Maxed out by life

I wasn’t trying to sound ominous with this title, in fact this is probably the best title I could use to describe my life at the present moment. That sinking feeling that I get every time I open my planner and see the never ending list of shit I have to do. When will it ever end? I don’t have a problem saying no until it comes to things that I want to achieve. I keep telling myself that I need to do all these things but I’m often wrong. Is there a way to do everything that you wanna do and not get engulfed by the anxiety of doing it all? It feels like every deadline is right fucking now. If this sounds like I’m whining, you are correct, but where else can I do that??


*Illustration by Brad Amorosino*


Men-roach infestation

Have you noticed the surge of videos from random men telling women that having their period is “unnatural “. That we must give up a, b, and c in order not to bleed. As if women haven’t been bleeding since the dawn of time. We all know that most men can’t help but show us the right way to be a woman, even with their  lack of vaginas. It’s been an incurable disease only manifested in the male species since…well, since women were bleeding. Men know everything that women could do better yet haven’t the faintest idea of how not to pee on a toilet seat. All of them lurching around, like roaches, ready to pounce on any women who may be confident, independent and secure. It’s like their entire existence is depends on the fact that we need them to function.  Dear men, I’m really curious: how can you solve our problems when you still can’t and won’t address your own misogyny? How does that work? Why is it that men can only see women’s behavior but not how their own behavior is often toxic and problematic, when it’s actually the root of a lot of the issues we as women have? Continue reading