New year, new you?!?

You fucking made it to 2017! A lot of people didn’t make it, but you did. Who could have predicted that 2016 would have been the shit hole that it was! I’ve been away for a bit, celebrating my birthday and yet another pagan holiday, drinking and drugging probably too much, but what can I say?!? My 32nd birthday needed to celebrated in the best way possible: in complete and utter debauchery. The only thing that sucked were the lucid moments in between shots. I’m starting to really hate getting older, all that “reasoning” and “quiet expectations” are seriously exhausting and it’s taking a toll on your girl. What I’m trying to say is, I think, I’m slowly becoming an adult ( I literally wrote this, walked away, cried, then called my dad who laughed…). I mean, I wasn’t a late bloomer physically, but I definitely am emotionally. Is it really never too late to grow up and become “responsible”?

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