Let’s keep doing it for ourselves

The holidays are unfortunately driving everyone insane or on the brink of self-destruction, depending on how painful spending time with the family you’ve been avoiding all year is (Sorry Dad). I was going to write about that but since Twitter exploded thanks in part to a cretinous radio host with an affinity for Ambi cream (Google it and snicker later), the anger and general pettiness I carry inside would not let me. I’m tired of black women being continuously berated, belittle and dismissed unless it serves a purpose to black men. Please read that last sentence over because the next ones coming will neither be kind or favorable to most black men…

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the infamous Trevor Noah interview with quite possibly THE angriest white woman in the world, Tomi Lahren. A woman who has now become the voice of her generation, you know the young, white and racist one. Noah gave her yet another platform to spew for her asinine rhetoric, while claiming that he was simply trying to have a conversation with and open her eyes to the plight of people of color in America. I didn’t know or think that you could reason with hate, but most importantly I didn’t realize that hate had to be handled with care, especially when it’s being perpetuated by young, white woman who has made it her current life’s mission to dismiss and diminish the current racial divide in America.

Now back to the radio host in particular, this ignoramus decided to address women of color on twitter by asking them why they aren’t trying to amplify and use their voices the same way Cocaine Barbie has.  I can already feel my heart racing, and I would be lying if I wasn’t admitting that his tweet literally had me cursing his children, his children’s children and his whole fucking lineage. Why is that he only noticed that black women’s voice needed to be amplified after spending time with a person who “doesn’t see color” and thinks that black people should find another way to protest that doesn’t involve marching/boycotting/ or being overly critical of their current Orange Overlord. So before meeting her, he just assumed that they weren’t any women of color using their platforms to elevate, educate and discuss the issues currently affecting black women in “post-racial” America?!?

And this where I fucking lost it. Why are black women never acknowledged unless it’s promote a black man’s agenda? Why are we consistently disregard, yet not even recognized unless we can prop up the black man up to pursue what he truly wants. Shouldn’t our end goals be the same? You would think someone who is so entrenched in pop culture would recognize the many works and efforts of women of color such as Feminista Jones, Kimberly Foster, Kat Blaque, Franchesca Ramsey (someone who he’s had on his show and worked with numerous times), Luvvie, Jamilah Lemieux , Roxane Gay and many other amazing women who are the current and loudest voices  getting the message heard, but because they’re not white, they are neither visible or in some case seen as credible voices especially by black men. What will it take for black men to accept the legitimacy of our movement; that we are here and have been here doing so much if not most of the work, all the while being continuously dismissed and disregarded because we are too angry? Because we want the denigration of black women to stop?Because we are now concerned about our own self-interests? When will black men stop shitting on us and prop us up like we’ve been doing for them since the dawn of time?

I’m of the mindset that most black men don’t care about us or our struggles, as they can’t directly benefit from it, they wan’t no part of it. I will always show up and show out for black women. I will always put black women above all else, and I most certainly will not need to align myself with a black man to continuously do so. As black women, we’re use to doing all the work and letting others discount that same work to their benefit. The black woman is the most hated person in America, yet she has shown compassion and understanding to the very people determined to keep their foot on her neck. Like that newly, light skinned radio host so ignorantly articulated, it’s time we worry about our own narratives and less about the one where the black man get what he wants while stepping over us on this way out…


*Illustration by Brad Amorosino*


2 thoughts on “Let’s keep doing it for ourselves

  1. This is a lovely and long overdue post if I say so myself. I agree wholeheartedly with everything that you said. It’s not fair that black women have to be degraded and dismissed, and it certainly cannot continue. I got to share this one.


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