Dimmed lights for dimmed minds

Do I enjoy calling some people stupid? Petty me says yes, but sometimes it’s the perfect word to describe the most imperfect of men.  And by imperfect, I’m talking about those who can’t help but keep on being stupid. So if like me, who’s sole purpose for the internet is to troll assholes and occasionally swipe right, then you may have heard of this kinda ridiculous, kinds moronic trend being force fed to women who are enthusiastically (or as some of those men would put it “desperate”) seeking marriage/relationship/kids but can’t seem to get those things because according to your favorite, useless, daytime talk show hosts they’re not letting “men be men”. Who hasn’t heard the following said: “there are no good women left” or “let men lead” or my personal favorite “remember when women used to be women”. Yes, because the only reason you’re single is because you’re not letting some dumb ass lead your life off a cliff to nowhere… Not to mention that these astoundingly ludicrous beliefs are now being reinforced by people who really are not AT ALL qualified to dispense this type of advice (The Dr. Phils and Steve Harveys of the world). Why be qualified to give advice (hahaha, I suddenly realize the irony…I never said I was qualified though…) when you get ridiculous sums of money to write bullshit books about what women want and how they can get it!?!

I’m a firm believer that a lot of these self-help assholes’ job is purely to destroy and disrupt women’s confidence, build it up again but just enough so that you don’t think that you deserve better, that perpetual singledom is wrong and that you’re wrong for being single for this long.There is nothing more irritating then watching a man who married his side piece, left wife #2 and made her wife #3, give advice to women about things that he knows absolutely nothing about but he’s a man, so he must know everything, including what women need!

As an intelligent woman, I pride myself on being resourceful and quite capable of leading myself and an army of thousands (An essential life skill). Could it be hard on a person that I’m dating that I’m so able and independent? Perhaps, and if that’s the case, he can hand in his resignation, I’ll thank him for his services and send him on his way. For me to dim my  light just so that he could feel like a man is not only ridiculous but down right insulting. It perpetuate the notion that a woman has nothing to offer unless she’s with a man who can validate her as a complete being. There’s no one telling men out there to fall back let the woman take the lead or let her shine while you’re in the background being a good little boy. So why should it be any different for women? And if you’re with someone who believes this with absolute certainty, do yourself a favor  and quickly tell this crusty clown to kick rocks!

I refuse to believe that any self-assured man who is looking for a partner, an equal, would adhere to such mind-numbing bullshit. But I do believe that the weaker men hold on to this and use it as a reason to excuse their shitty behavior and shitty dating circumstances. You know the human waste I’m referring to, constantly mad because he can’t find a weak minded woman like himself to keep under his unemployable thumb. To those holding these truths as self-evident, you’re not looking for a partner, but rather a slow witted woman, who will accept you as you are because she’s unaware of her worth and strength.  And to my slow witted sisters, WAKE THE FUCK UP, and love yourself, appreciate yourself for who you are, what you’ve been through and ultimately who you’d like to become. Because we both know that next to that pile of human garbage is not where you belong…


*Illustration by Brad Amorosino*


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