Forgive me for the delay, but as most of you know Tuesday  was horrifyingly depressing thanks in part to ShitFest 2016, brought you by The Giant Orange Turd and someone’s grandmother who’s not quite sure what’s legal and how emails work. I can honestly say that I’ve always underestimate Americans but on Tuesday, I was proven wrong. The world watched in horror how THE Super power (well, former now..) handed its keys to HJR (Hitler Jr.) . As I sat in the comfort of my girlfriend’s Canadian home, watching this like all other Canadians.  I was left speechless and miserably sad to know that Women, People of Color, Immigrants, People of the LGBTQ community and Muslims were now all in danger. Some of my friends told me that I was overreacting, and it goes without saying that they were mostly white, cis, men. Overreaction how, though? What is the proper way to react to the fact that your neighbor now thinks that it’s perfectly fine to tell you to go back to your country or to have a 9 year old taunted by classmates, screaming “build a wall” to his face? I mean, is this what life will be like for anyone who’s not white and male? Can I, as a black Canadian woman, really just pretend that because it’s not happening here and to me that I shouldn’t feel pain or fear for those who are now in a position of fearing for their lives every time they leave the house?

I’m utterly sickened to know that AmeriKKKa not only doesn’t value the lives of Black people but it also has made it perfectly clear that the lives of anybody other than white don’t matter as well. To hear them say things like “Trump represents my ideals and morals”, just goes to show you that AmeriKKKa really never made any progress. The racists just got better at integrating and hiding in everyday life. This man who’s vowing to make America great again, seems to forget that the reason America was great to begin with, is because it was built on the back of slaves and the murder of indigenous people. It seems America has forgotten that it wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for all the lives stolen to build this nation.

I desperately want to believe that “love will trumps hate”, but how can I? When most of white AmeriKKKA has made it clear that hate and blame is all that matters, that their lives are more important that anyone else’s.  I want to believe that this man is not who portrays himself to be, that he tried to win this presidency by any means necessary and by stroking as many fires as humanly possible. But how do we account for the surge in racist, sexist, and xenophobic attacks or the fact that 57% of AmeriKKKa voted for someone, who by all account should have been laughed off the planet the moment he started attacking ALL visible minorities?!?! How can we, as the world watching, not feel like this is the beginning of the end, not just in AmeriKKA, but Australia, England and other places where there now seems to be a rise of far-right, fascists governments ready to put people’s lives at risk? I want to believe that AmeriKKKa and the World will get through this, unfortunately there’s no cure of utter hopelessness…


*Illustration by Brad Amorosino*


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