This is a man’s world…and not the James Brown kind

Welcome to 2016, where it’s a crime to be a woman and be proud of it. Welcome to age where being a woman is now hazardous to your physical safety. Probation is now the choice sentence for rapists and hell, it’s been a good year for rapists, black and white alike. You can now rape and go to college, and you can now rape and get $17.5 millions for your script. In short, no one is loosing this year, unless you happen to have a vagina and decide to be outspoken about your vagina. From Feminazi to Vagenda (First, off like the people coming up with this shit, should at least try a little harder with these names..), seemed like everyone with a pussy is on guard to either get physically attacked, threatened and pretty much dismissed unless, well, they have a penis (and not even a very big one at that…). And to hear it, some, equality is here so they don’t really know what we (feminists) are bitching about…

I’m sure that you haven’t escaped the outrage or several of your Facebook friends about the slim and light sentences some of these rapists have been getting. Of course Male and White privilege plays into it. To admit otherwise, would be stupid and frankly reckless. But what I want to focus on, is why is it acceptable for these men to continue on with their lives, go to College or get movie deals, or even probation. When did it become acceptable to decide that someone’s trauma or pain isn’t a valid enough reason to punish these pieces of utter shit? The people defending these cowards and excusing their behavior seemed oblivious to the fact these men have ruined lives forever. Let’s not forget the fact that these women were brutalized in a way that most men could’t even begin to comprehend. But I’m suppose to take solace in the fact that a man has decided that Brock Turner can get 6 months in jail but get out in 3. That a college student sexually assault two women, admitted to it, but the judge decided that he didn’t want to ruin his future so he gave him probation. That these women’s pain and suffering didn’t matter as long as, Piece-of-shit Smith got to go to college and move on with his life.

I think what’s the most shocking to me, is that men decided in 2016, that a woman’s right to justice doesn’t matter. Rape is something that really a gray area and if you weren’t raped, then whatever assault you just experience isn’t really that bad. Yep, I know white men still run the world, but to let white men decide and define what rape is and how a woman’s should be feeling about is, something that makes me physically ill just writing those words. It seems that Justice only serves you if you have a dick. Like I mentioned earlier, tell your friends and anybody who will listen, 2016 is the year where we knew for a fact that women are just not worth anything, and it looks as if 2017 won’t be any better…


*Illustration by Brad Amorosino*


3 thoughts on “This is a man’s world…and not the James Brown kind

  1. Thank you for your honesty. I totally agree that this world we live in is just crazy. Everyone needs to be a better job in protecting our woman. Keep speaking your truth because the world is listening.


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