Can you, like, just go away forever…

WARNING! This is a full on rant so fucking bear with me. Now, if you’ve been reading this rag pretty faithfully, you know that I have friends (shocker), weird friends, normal friends, ex-boyfriend friends… I pretty much have a small cabinet of ministers as friends. In “Case of the Ex”, I talked about how I’ve maintained a relationship with some exes and how 2 of them are actually like brothers to me. And in the same entry, I also speak about not maintaining a  relationship with fuck boy who’s obviously fucked you up and over in on fell swoop. But I what I failed to mention is what happens to your fucking sanity when you keep seeing that motherfucker everywhere, and by everywhere, I mean ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE! Like a bitch can’t even go to 2 blocks without this dude showing up… UGHHH…..

1. STOP!! Stop talking  to me about someone who’s not my friend…

I can appreciate that you’ve maintained your own relationship with this person, which is great for you…and only you. I no longer have any attachment to this person, therefore who he’s not fucking, ducking and rubbing is no longer my business but I also have no opinion on the matter, really any matter pertaining to him. Why you ask…BECAUSE I’M NO LONGER DATING HIM!!

2. The bashing or comparing of their new partner…

Whether she’s purple, blue, or violet, she sounds awesome. Whether she looks like his mom,ex-wife, or brother she sounds awesome. Wanna know why? I’M NOT FUCKING HER AND I DON’T FUCKING KNOW HER. I’m not gonna sit around and talk shit about someone I’ve never met. The uneasiness I feel when this shit goes down (makes me wanna get crushed by the floor above me)…It also makes me wonder if you’re talking about the people I’ve dated to him. The places your mind will go if you let it…

3. Good intentions and all, I get it I do, but NO!!!

It’s not to say that my friends are bad people, I know that they love me and  I love them so much, but getting together and dissecting and criticizing every inch of his new life is their way of letting me know that they’ve got my back and it is one that makes me feel exhausted and honestly drained. Please note that I’m not saying that alliances and ultimatum have to be given, that’s childish and never ends well for all parties involved. What I’m asking for is the understanding that this person is no longer part of my life, spending time with him is not something I want to do, and therefore it is much easier for me to remove myself from the situation. Fuck, I’m more willing to literally remove myself…especially if it means that I don’t ever have to talk or write about this shit again…


*Illustration by Brad Amorosino*


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