Dating with no purpose

So you’ve done it! You’ve put yourself out there, you’ve met a few people on and offline. You’ve met the penis (or vagina) of your dreams (for right now) and everything is coming up roses. You’ve got the casual sex thing down pat, but what happens when your casual wants to go on a date?! I mean, granted the order of all of this, is not the typical, but alarms are still going off in your head! How do you go from fucking to talking about yourself?!?

Some of us get to know people before they take their clothes off and some of us don’t, that’s the wonderful thing about being an adult. Another great thing about being single adult is dating. Some people date to get married, some to get pregnant (yes it’s a thing) and some to get fucked (guilty…at times). Dating should be low stress but it isn’t. The unrealistic expectations that some of us have with dating (and no, I’m not just talking about women) is mind boggling. Most of us want to find our forever love and have kids and all shit, which is great! But what about the rest of us who aren’t looking for Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful? Are we suppose to stay inside with 25 cats and 35 hobbies (I hate cats and don’t understand why someone would have more than 2)? You can actually enjoy someone’s company without thinking of happily ever after, shocking I know. I’m not talking about your fuck buddy, but someone who you can have an intellectual conversation with, but you can also bend you over the counter if need be.I’m not saying that you should stop dating if you’re looking for a husband/wife but why not enjoy yourself in the process…


*Illustration by Brad Amorosino*


2 thoughts on “Dating with no purpose

  1. revengestar says:

    you hate cats? *shattered heart*
    why more than 2? cause i found the third one dying in the street and there is a thing called imprinting where the animal realizes it’s own species and this guy got registered as human by mistake and as a result he acts psycho and got rejected 3 times from potential adoptive families and i can’t throw him at the street!
    ok, i will show myself out now


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