The Love Below

Loving your burrito pregnancy gut is one thing, but loving your vagina…Somewhat difficult for a lot of women. I’m all about loving your body, and I mean every crevasse of it and having a somewhat healthy relationship with it. I’ve talked about how you need to love yourself and should treat your body with kindness. But I mean in all this self-love talk, I didn’t mention the love and compassion that you should have for your vagina. It’s obviously part of your body, but it’s often a part that we don’t think about unless we’re having sex and masturbating.

Shout out to the vaginas that have been setting free billions of little people who become big asshole humans. It’s a fact that the vagina is a muscle like no fucking other, that  women have been flexing for years ( and by flexing I mean giving birth and having sex…cause what else can you do with a vagina!). We heard from plenty of people (men) what the purpose of our “birth canal” was and for billions of years we complied (well, those of us who could). But what does your vagina mean to you? Do you believe in the sacred power of the pussy? It’s more than sexual and physical, for some it’s the ultimate representation of a woman. The relationship that most women have with their vagina is much more complex one than the relationship that men have with their penises ( I obviously wouldn’t know but it’s fun speculating without any real facts…). I don’t think most men have grown up with the idea of not “giving away your cookie” or that touching yourself other than to clean Gina is a sinful as premarital sex. The shame associated with having a vagina is still being perpetuated in various part of the world. You’re good enough to exist and give birth but you’re not good enough to be in charge of your vagina.

The shame is so great that so many of us have never seen our own vaginas for fuck’s sake. The amount of pressure and anxiety that some women put on their vaginas is INSANE. Like it should look a certain way, smell a certain way, be as hairless as possible and so on. And there’s vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal steam (as if your vagina is a fucking hot dog) should Gina need a little pick-me-up. Your vagina pretty much needs to be a flying unicorn, but hairless of course! But that’s not all,  it must also know and  do all the vagina sex tricks, because how else are you gonna use the skills that you learned at Vagina Academy!

Whether is the fear that your vagina looks “different” or you’ve been shamed by some prick , let it all go. Love your vagina just as much as you love your face, your ass or your flat stomach. Give it just as much attention as you would your manicure or your eyebrows. Be thankful for all the orgasms it’s given you (I apologize for those who don’t know what an “orgasm” is or haven’t experienced it…Pouring a little liquor out in your honor) or the lives that you’ve let escape from your womb. Start showing your Gina some love…


3 thoughts on “The Love Below

    • TheToknBlkGrl says:

      Thank you so much!!! It’s hard especially since most men think vaginas should look like what they see in porn!!!


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