Open season

Excuse me for the late entry today, but I had one hell of a weekend. I had another topic that I wanted to talk about, but this weekend’s brunch conversation got me thinking and feeling a certain kinda way. From previous post, you can say that I wholeheartedly believe that there are no rules to life…well other than living the best way you know how and not treating others like shit (Hard concept for some of y’all, but you’ll learn in time..). For some reason this Sunday, we decide to talk about open relationships. I don’t know one fucking thing about having an open relationship, but since I’m self appointed expert on dating multiple people at the same time, so we’ll say it’s close enough.

I’m a firm believer that dating should be fun and enjoyable, as long as you are HONEST with the people involved. And by honest,  I mean letting the truth be known about your situationship, whether you’re single or having sex with a bunch of people, or you’re in an actual relationship but you cheat on the side (21st century has been declared the century of the side piece…it’s a whole movement). We are now living in an age where there are so many ways of communications that being open with someone is just the at the end of a button. But is being in an open relationship that easy as well?!?! I honestly don’t know, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about more and more recently. While some may see open relationship as just an excuse to see/fuck other people, I see it as something far more than that…How can you fuck others and have your partner be OK with that, if there wasn’t already a strong level of trust, honesty and fucking communication?!?! From the outside looking in, it almost seems that some of these open relationships are more stable than monogamous ones…

You clearly can’t be in an open relationship without all parties consenting to it. But I think what makes me more curious is the fact that those in said relationship have found a cure to jealousy, envy and general pettiness. How do you not let your insecurities eat you alive? Being jealous is one thing, but how do you not let that jealousy turn into something else like anger and resentment, how do you go beyond these feelings?!? Sounds fucking easy in theory but I know I’m far too petty and probably insecure to have an open relationship. As a woman, it’s hard to think that I may not be enough, but it’s deeper than that. We’ve been conditioned to believe in monogamy is the only way to have a “happy relationship”. But as we evolve as a society, it’s easy to see that the whole concept of monogamy is coming undone. The rate of divorce still going up, less and less people are getting married, procreating , yet we still haven’t expanded our minds to the possibility that monogamy could be the greatest hoax ever played…


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