The money train stops here…

This post is a little different than the others, because I’m going to be talking about money, priorities and accountability (I’m breaking out in hives just saying the words but…it’s needed). Like many people in the world, the things keeping me up at night range from ” I need to get laid” to “How can I pay all my bills/loans without selling either my body and/or drugs”. I know too many of my favorite people who aren’t sleeping and are worrying about money and other things. And it seems that it’s getting harder and harder lately to live the quality of life you want or really deserve. I can already hear people (with no debt or school loans killing them) saying “well, you’re in this mess because of…or you need to cut back on this…”. Actually, NO BITCH; The only thing I’m currently prioritizing is whether to go to happy hour or just drink wine at home…

I’m probably one of the most financially irresponsible people I know (again, no big shock here). The reason being, I consider all my WANTS to be NEEDS, so fucking sue me. But as I’m getting older, I’m starting to realize that I have some major growing up to do when it comes to how I manage my money (if you could hear my sighs…). I will say that I did pay off my school loans (10 years later, but paid none the less), but I still have debt (credit cards, lines of credit…I know) and I’m constantly struggling with the idea of treating myself. It’s very easy to talk myself into buying things, because I’ve had to struggle while trying to find my place in the world and now that I got that bread, I’mma spend it all. I’m finally happy with my career but I’m spending money like I just won the damn lottery (Dear baby Tupac in the sky, make this shit happen). It’s like my new found, financial freedom is financial noose around my neck And I could list all the factors as to why I’m in the situation that I’m in, but ultimately it’s ME (no one is more shocked than me that I’ve arrived at this conclusion).

I can blame others, but no one is forcing me to swipe that motherfucking card. No one is forcing me to spend $100+  on bar tabs or eating out. I’m wasting my money (and common sense) because I just don’t want to do any better. I know what needs to be done to fix this and I need to get on my grind. Whether you’re trying to save money or pay down debt, there are so many factors that need to be addressed, but I think the most important is why. Why do you feel that it’s ok to spend money on trivial and dumb shit, when you have debt up the ass? Is it that we’ve reached a place where we’ve accepted that we’ll be indebted forever? That “we’re ok with struggling” or “everyone is in debt”, that we’re ok lining up someone else’s pocket instead of our own? FUCK THAT SHIT!!! We both work too damn hard to let someone else enjoy the fruits of of our labor. It’s our money so why are we driving around throwing it out the window?!?!  I’m not a money expert (obviously) but I do know what I need to do. It’s time for this girl to PRIORITIZE what’s important to me. I could go on paying the minimums on my loans and just keep going that way, but why? So that by the time I paid off my credit cards, I’ve paid the owing amount 2-3 times over (Interest is a bitch!). Time to be aggressive. Take that second job if you have to, sell off items that you no longer need and that could bring you money. Do whatever it takes (within reason) and hustle your ass off. Because, the alternative is drowning every single day, over and over…And frankly, my hair cannot get wet y’all, so I’m gonna save myself…




*Illustration by Brad Amorosino


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