I’m not with stupid

I have this thing that I constantly do: I date these guys who are not really on my level. And before you kick me off my high horse, let me explain. I’m 31 year-old woman, single, with a university education, a great job and my own place. I’m a fucking joy to be around and I’m pretty funny (for the most part). I’m attractive and intelligent, yet I keep finding and dating these insecure, broke, men with no future or ambition (They’re just like stray dogs at this point, just following me home because I smell of goals and ambition). I could go on but honestly I can’t afford to have a breakdown at work (only 4 a year and I’ve almost reached my yearly limit). Why is that so many successful women date these kind of guys? I’m not gonna say it’s settling, because that would imply that something better will come along, when we all know that it probably won’t. Let’s call it reality. These bum ass men are dating women they couldn’t even get in their wildest dreams, but yet here they are reaping the benefits of a strong and driven women, while having nothing to offer in return. Ain’t that a bitch…

Now, I want to make it clear, that I’m not not talking about all men . What I’m actually referring to is a recent trend that I’ve noticed with certain millennial men. For first time ever, women are out earning more and are more educated than most men. Most of us are not looking to a man to give us financial stability or really any kind of stability. So what fucking gives? The older I get, the more I become disenchanted with dating in the 21st Century. Even with dating apps like Tinder and OK Cupid, which should make it easier, but it’s actually giving these strays another platform to continue their ridiculousness.While my male friends are finding beautiful, young and smart women, while I’m over here, pretty much wondering  if could “Macgyver” the perfect man out of the tumbleweeds as they tumble on pass me as I wait, and wait, and wait… The kind of partner I want has probably and already been snatched up by a kick ass woman, which is fine (and I’m so not bitter about it). But in a world of 7 billion plus people, this shouldn’t be even be a thought, I mean there’s more than enough…WRONG!!!! Instead, I’m literally swimming in a sea of unwashed and unmotivated pricks who seem to think that it’s now my job to make them feel good about themselves and/or put back the broken pieces of their lives (I’ve never been a magician or Dr. Phil). If these are my only options that I’m now faced with as a single woman, then I choose today and now to be single for the rest of my life and enjoy the company of my vibrator till the end of time (Lelo! Gold star if you know what i’m talking about).

I’ve looked within, done the whole introspective shit about my own behavior in relationships and although I’m not perfect, I’m pretty fucking close and I know too many rad women who also are in the same boat as me (Grab a life jacket ladies, we’re gonna be floating in the emptiness for a while..). Loving oneself and having the ability to recognize what you want, what you will and will not tolerate seems to come at a price: almost no men can measure up. Does that mean that we need to lower our standards or make do with what’s out there?!?!  FUCK NO!  I think this is just transitional period to our final until we get to our end game (world domination)  and it’s period of adjustment for a lot of the men out there.We’re now now the ones with the “S” on our chest ladies, and  I just think it’s gonna take a little getting use to…




*Illustration by Brad Amorosino


3 thoughts on “I’m not with stupid

  1. “I don’t want to settle for less” is probably the most popular phrase used by single people. But quality people and meaningful relationships don’t just fall out of the sky. Growing up in the country I knew that I was going to have to move in order to find the type/quality of women who meets my expectations.
    I think there’s someone for everyone. And some relationships require development. Maybe the vibrator is cool for now ☺, but I’m sure if you change your community of friends, you’ll run into someone right for you… who’s not stupid.

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